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Birthday cakes are the most imperative piece of the gathering - all things considered, it's what individuals recollect regardless of the possibility that they can't review how old you are, and nowadays in Srilanka , the part that presumably gets captured the most!

Birthday cakes are the most imperative piece of the gathering - all things considered, it's what individuals recollect regardless of the possibility that they can't review how old you are, and nowadays in SriLanka , the part that presumably gets captured the most! The considerable thing about birthdays are, regardless of the possibility that you're not amped up for getting one more year more established, there's no less than a yum cake to anticipate toward the finish of the night. Any reason for custom cake truly.

So in addition to the fact that you would need something that tastes great (make the most of those insidious calories!) you need it the design cake to look faultless and important, There are such a large number of styles of birthday cakes to browse and a mind-boggling measure of choices, yet like most nourishments there are likewise mainstream drifts that rise and re-develop quite a long time.

Here are the top patterns for 2017 for Birthday Cakes:

  • Tiered Cake

Ever increasing number of individuals is stamping point of reference birthdays with high as can be "stacked" cakes. The layered cake in Srilanka is super famous with weddings and birthday gifts as well however now it isn't phenomenal to see them at birthdays, so why sit tight until the wedding for one of these superb brutes, eh? Order your cake from


  • Free-From Cakes

Who needs their cake without sugar? Not me. That resembles getting chips without salt! A few people's dietary restrictictions have extreme, frequently genuine, outcomes in Srilanka , while others are utilizing it as a direction for living or taking after a craze consume less calories supported by insta-celeb-de-jour. Notwithstanding the inspiration, dietary limitations like gluten free are setting down deep roots yet didn't really need to mean TASTE free! As the most trending birthday cakes. At Anges de Sucre we alter some of our cakes, similar to the MacDaddy or MacDreamy, to be without gluten by utilizing a blend of almond supper and gluten free. Consider as your host.


  • Print Cakes

you may have seen on our webpage of Srilanka that our printer is up and running so you can have your most loved photo or realistic imprinted on a birthday cakes. Wouldn't that make a magnificent birthday cake for your niños or an extraordinary path for your organization to commend a breakthrough? Envision how much your folks would love it for their 30th wedding commemoration to see a photo of them from their big day on a cake. You may think about how we can put a photo on a cake and the appropriate response is that we quite recently put the entire cake through the printer. No, hold up! Before you go and attempt that at home, I'm simply joking. It's altogether finished with palatable paper and consumable ink with an inkjet printer. The paper is known as an 'icing sheet' (here and there icing sheet) and it is a genuine thin layer of icing that is upheld by plastic. Order you cake from us at

  • Gateaux Cakes

Gateaux works in wedding cakes. The greater part of our cakes is specially crafted to mirror the individual and occasion style of the customer. Achieve us subtle elements you're wedding arrangements and we'll make the ideal cake for your gathering. Motivations can originate from the most modest insight about your occasion, from botanical stylistic layout, to marriage clothing, to the welcome plan or the period of the wedding. Keep in mind, your cake, similar to your wedding is an impression of your identity as a couple. Your family legacy, how you met, what you get a kick out of the chance to do together, even how the prepare proposed could add to the plan of your cake. Consider our website

  • Cartoon Cakes

Our team will take an additional activity to make your child’s birthday somewhat more special. We will work with what your kid prefers, and propose topic construct cakes depending in light of their most loved toon character, amusement, or whatever else. We will then give you a scope of plan choices for your child’s cake. We can likewise do smaller than expected cupcake boxes, with similar picked subject cupcakes as giveaways after the birthday festivity, since cupcakes are a hit among children. Give chance to make your event best.