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Print cakes- Today’s Trending cake design

Cake patterns are a universal factor that spread throughout the world without considering the culture, boundary of the country, religion, politics, etc... Edible cakes are also a cake pattern which is new to the Sri Lankan customers. Many customers demand this cake pattern because of the attractiveness of the cake and the lowest price. Print cake starts from Rs.2 300. Today people demand high quality cakes at the lowest price. That’s why you need to place your order with

Why should I go for a print cake?

Print cakes give us the chance to print any image you like on the cake. Even your photo, couple photo, your favorites such as an image of a Lamborghini car, BMW car, iphone, and cartoon characters and many more can be printed on your cake at the lowest price. You also can print your picture, collage or your friend’s group photo.

Think how much your loved ones would love to see a favorite photo on their cake. Just think how much your parents would love it for their 25th wedding anniversary to see a photo of them from their big day on a cake.

Print cakes for everyone

Are you looking for a cake which is related to your kid’s favorite cartoon character or animals and is it expensive? Don’t worry. Here is a wonderful idea for you. This print edible cake is ideal for your kids. You just need to do is upload the image in the process of ordering a edible cake.

Print cakes for everyone               

Print cakes for everyoneBest quality print cakes for everyone

These print edible cakes are ideal for surprising your loved ones. Just think your partner is a Lamborghini car lover. You may not able to buy them a real Lamborghini car. But you can impress them printing their dream car on their cake.

Sri Lankan best quality print edible cakes

Sri Lankan best quality print cakes

Are you looking for cup cakes which suitable according to your theme. Then this print edible cup cake is a good solution for you. You can print any image on the cup cake. 

Best quality cup cakes

Is it safe?

Completely it is safe. We use 100% eatable paper and inks for the printing purposes

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